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Background on the Middle East
Victor Sharpe:
Western European nations are now submerged in an ever growing, Sharia compliant, Islamic monster that is within the gates. In a generation or two, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Holland, the Scandinavian countries and Britain may no longer retain a Judeo-Christian culture or civilization except in small pockets; always besieged by a Muslim majority they so foolishly allowed to grow and strengthen within their borders. (ED: Victor's excellent analysis is probably the best article you will read this week - or this year.  Take a few minutes to read and digest this.)
Canada Free Press

Israel's Bennett presents annexation plan: The Oslo era is over
Israel's Economy Minister and Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett officially presented his annexation plan during a speech at the Herzliya Conference.
Arutz Sheva

Naftali Bennett's plan in detail
Arutz Sheva

Sovereignty now, or never
Victor Sharpe: For 47 long years since the liberation of biblical Jewish Judea and Samaria from illegal Jordanian occupation - territory the world grotesquely prefers to call the "West Bank" - the beloved Jewish heartland has remained in a political limbo and not been fully or even partially annexed.  Israel’s foolish failure to take sovereign control of its own historical, physical and spiritual heartland has allowed a hostile world to thus assume that Israel itself does not believe it has legal sovereignty in the territory.
Arutz Sheva

Tell the basic facts over and over again
Victor Sharpe:  In June, 1976, during a visit to London, the former Israeli Prime Minister, Mrs. Golda Meir, was asked what needed most to be done for her country in the field of information. Her answer was, "Tell people the basic facts about Israel and Israel's case over and over again."
Family Security Matters

A people are not "settlers" in their own land
Victor Sharpe: When did it become an accepted truism that a so-called peace between Israel and the predominately Muslim Arabs, those who call themselves Palestinians, requires that Israel give to them it's very biblical birthright for a mess of potage?
Renew America

The counterfeit Arabs
Victor Sharpe: They are the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. They are indistinguishable from those Arabs who live in the surrounding artificial states such as Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or the other entities throughout the Middle East created by the colonial powers, France and Britain. Both powers were victorious after the Ottoman Turkish Empire lay defeated at the end of World War 1.

Palestine is a geographical area, not a nationality
The Arabs invented a special national entity in the 1960s called the Palestinians, specifically for political gain. They brand Israelis as invaders and claim the geographic area called Palestine belongs exclusively to the Arabs.
Jerusalem Connection

Muslim scholar:  Allah gave Israel to the Jews, there's no Palestine
Muslim scholar in Jordan attacks 'Palestinians' for distorting Koran, Jews given Israel 'until Day of Judgement.'
Arutz Sheva

Why do the Jews fear the Muslims on the Temple Mount?
Giulio Meotti: Israel tries to placate the Muslims, a move which only leads to disaster and failure. You encourage your enemies by your weakness. Appeasement is a kind of slow death.
Arutz Sheva
The Historical Perspective

Maps by Myths and Facts

A succinct outline of Israel's problem:

A brief history of Israel and "Palestine"
It’s important to know some of the history of the area.
Contender Ministries

Analysis:  From the River to the Sea
Victor Sharpe: The accepted wisdom now exercising the minds of Obama, his problematic advisors, the State Department, and the legions of people who have succumbed to the churning mills of the Arab propaganda machine, is that there exist a people called Palestinians with a distinct history who lived in an independent Arab state called Palestine.  It is a lie, perhaps the greatest scam in history. It is a fraudulent history of a fraudulent people in a fraudulent land. 
Family Security Matters

Muslim History 101
Mike Konrad:  This is what the fight is all about: In the center of Jerusalem is the sacred structure which the Jews label as the Temple Mount, and the Arabs refer to as the Haram al-Sharif (the noble sanctuary) and Al-Aqsa (the farthest Mosque). A mere 35 acres; yet touch it, and the Ummah [the Islamic homeland] will go to war.  So who has the better claim?  Ignoring the issue of political sovereignty, let us focus solely on which religion has the greater claim to that sacred space.
American Thinker

The big picture on why the Palestinians always say 'no'
Jack Schwartzwald: National expression for Palestinians has never been the goal of the "Palestinian" movement. The true goal (pursued in concert with the Arab world at large), is, and always has been, the eradication of Jewish national expression in Judaism's ancestral homeland.
American Thinker

There was never a country called Palestine

Jerrold Sobel: Please forget one of the great fallacies of our time: Israel did not steal Palestinian land. It's not Palestinians' land; it's never been their land; it will never be their land. This land was given to the Jewish people, as stated in the Bible, by the Creator, and will remain the homeland of the Jewish people in perpetuity.
American Thinker

The Two-State-Solution: A fatal trap
Victor Sharpe: The Two-State-Solution is yet another appalling euphemism which in reality will spell out the eventual destruction of the reconstituted Jewish state and the extermination of its people by a Muslim world that will never accept a non-Muslim nation and will wage eternal war against it until it is utterly destroyed.
Canada Free Press

The two state solution: history’s negation
Victor Sharpe: I have long urged Israelis and pro-Israelis alike to stop using the term, “settlements,” in English when describing Jewish communities in Israel and, instead, begin calling them by what they are; villages, towns or cities. After all, Arab communities are always referred to as villages, not settlements, even though many have existed for fewer years than many Jewish villages.
Canada Free Press

Want peace? Democratize Jordan
Ted Belman: I have not been a fan of the "Jordan is Palestine" option, however it was defined, because it required the consent of King Abdullah. I preferred a unilateral, made in Israel solution. But that was then and this is now.
American Thinker

The aboriginal rights of the Jewish People
Allen Hertz: Like the Greek people or the First Nations, the Jewish people has for more than two millennia continuously affirmed its connection to its ancestral homeland.
American Thinker

Israel and the two-state delusion
William Levinson: The "general consensus" that permanent peace in the Middle East requires the creation of an independent Palestinian state is a dangerous delusion that can lead nowhere but to terrorism, violence, and war.
American Thinker

In prayer, Jews face Jerusalem but Muslims face Mecca
Victor Sharpe: A well-reasoned argument explaining why Jerusalem must remain the undivided and eternal capital of Israel.
Israel News Daily

Is Jerusalem sacred for Muslims?
Hagai Mazuz and Harold Rhode: Jews and Christians know that Israel's claim to Jerusalem is rooted in the ancient Jewish connection to that city. What about the Muslim claim? Islamic sources from the first 50 years or so after Muhammad's death make clear that Jerusalem had absolutely no holy status for Muslims.
Emet News Service

Jerusalem, sacred to whom?

Clarence Wagner: The idea that there is an equally shared importance of Jerusalem is a common misconception. It is a tragedy that visitors to Israel are not told what God Himself has to say about Jerusalem, and His vision for His Holy City. To describe Jerusalem as the third most holy site in Islam is 20th century revisionist history and PLO/Arab propaganda. It is a contrived attempt to wrestle the land of Israel and Jerusalem from Jewish sovereignty.
Shalom Jerusalem

The true ownership of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Palestinians want this video removed ... and we understand why!

The history and meaning of "Palestine" and "Palestinians"

Talk and writing about Israel and the Middle East feature the nouns "Palestine" and Palestinian", and the phrases "Palestinian territory" and even "Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory". All too often, these terms are used with regard to their historical or geographical meaning, so that the usage creates illusions rather than clarifies reality.
Emet News Service

Who's the 'occupier'?
Rabbi Aron Hier: How do you bring two opponents to the peace table when their world views are separated by millennia?

American Thinker

Israel is the cradle of Western civilization
Geert Wilders: We must speak the truth. The truth that Jordan is Palestine, the truth that Samaria and Judea are part of Israel, the truth that Jerusalem may not fall, the truth that Israel is the only democracy in a dark and tyrannical region, the truth that Israel is the linchpin of the West.
Andrew Bostom

New peace initiative: annex and survive
Uri Elitzur: Time has run out for the temporary solution. Those on the right of the political map have always been asked what alternative they have to suggest, and they have never responded with the simple and self-evident answer that the present situation is the alternative. What is now is what should be. Israel must continue to rule permanently in Judea and Samaria.
Arutz Sheva

Topical Commentaries
Victor Sharpe
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