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Bluebells are in full bloom in this woodland on the North Downs near Dorking in Surrey, south of London, England. (Alamy Photo) 

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Lt. Col Allen West reflects on Easter and reveals some interesting facts about "Domestic Terrorist" Harry Reid:

Carson: White House wanted me to apologize for 'offending' Obama
Conservative sage Dr. Ben Carson is claiming the White House was offended by his now-famous keynote address at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast and asked at the time for an apology call to Barack Obama -- which he didn’t make. (ED: The more we hear of Dr. Carson, the more we like him.  He is a man of integrity, so rare among politicians.)
Fox News

14 factors to watch in the 2014 midterms
Everything you need to know to become an expert on the November elections.
PJ Media

Jordanian air strike destroyed Al Qaeda raider force heading for US military base
The Jordanian air strike Wednesday April 16 against an armored vehicle convoy from Syria destroyed an Al Qaeda raider force on its way to attack a US military target.

My faith in the Church of England
British Prime Minister David Cameron expresses his pride in its openness, beauty, social action, and pastoral care.
Church Times

Why England's churches are empty
Easter Sunday may be the holiest day of the year for Christians, but this year more churches than ever will find themselves with empty pews as the British public turn away from organised religion. What went wrong?
Breitbart London

Six reasons why Christianity is dying In Britain
Christianity, it's clear, is doomed in Britain - and here are a few reasons why.
Breitbart London

Good Friday: the day we forget to remember
AN Wilson: Few, apart from practising Christians, will today commemorate Christ’s crucifixion. How have we come to allow such a momentous event to mean so little?
The Telegraph

The new liberal racism
EW Jackson Sr:  Today’s liberal elites are the new virulent racists. When you agree with them, they honor you as an African-American. When you contradict their orthodoxy, they abuse you like a dog.
American Thinker

Obama is no ordinary weakling
Reis Kash: The nonentity ruler who has overcome his uncertainn ancestry and ludicrous incompetence has done what no other king or dictator has been able to do in our 237-year history. He has destroyed America.
Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon

The stupid hounding of Condi Rice
Rich Lowry: If Condoleezza Rice were as self-pitying and politically crass as Attorney General Eric Holder, she would be wondering aloud what it is about her race and gender that accounts for the hostility to her.

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Who is Barack Obama?
The Obama you don't know
A revealing series
The Examiner

Barack Obama: Socialist or Nouveau Fascist?
Howard Rich:
Which "-ism" is America under his rule?
American Spectator

Obama's ring: 'There is no god but Allah'
He's worn band on wedding-ring finger since before he met Michelle

Israeli science website: Obama birth certificate forged
Israel Science and Technology, the national database and directory of science and technology-related websites in Israel, says the publication “of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reigns on the most powerful country of the World.”

Was Barack Obama a foreign exchange student?
A former classmate has added a tantalizing question to the mysteries surrounding Barack Obama's college years. Perhaps the GOP nominee, whose tax records are demanded, should call the president's bluff. Not many students whose grades supposedly were good enough to get into Harvard Law School can say that 400 of their classmates taken randomly don't remember a single thing about him or his even being there. But Barack Obama, Columbia University class of '83, can.
IBD Editorials

Obama’s college classmate: The Obama scandal is at Columbia

Wayne Allyn Root: I am Barack Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83.  And I smell something rotten.  (ED: This is a must-read.  Mr. Root echoes everything we had already told you: the person known as Barack Obama is not a US citizen, much less natural-born.  And that's not his name either.  Mr. Root says - and we agree - that there is an imposter in the White House.)
The Blaze

A summary of some of Mr. Root's charges against "Obama":
* He rarely ever attended class at Columbia.
* His grades there do not suggest he could get into Harvard Law School.
* He appears to have attended Columbia as a foreign exchange student.
* He never paid for either college or Harvard Law School because of foreign aid and scholarships
* His legal name is still Barry Soetoro.
* His citizenship appears to still be Indonesian.  There is no evidence that his mother ever changed him back to being a US citizen.

Is there an imposter in the White House?
There is something very wrong when the sitting president refuses to divulge huge pieces of information about his background. What is he hiding?

Was communist mentor intimate with Obama's mother?
Did Obama build his political career on a fairy tale that his father was a Kenyan who grew up herding goats?  Was Obama’s goal in writing his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” to misdirect Americans away from a deeply disturbing family background and a Marxist political foundation?  Was Frank Marshall Davis the [pseudo] president’s biological father, not the Kenyan Barack Obama? (ED: Yes, yes and yes!)

The unraveling of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II

Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann: It is likely that the man sitting in the Oval Office is, in fact, Barry Soetoro, and holds Indonesian citizenship.
Canada Free Press

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